Uncle Sam's Guitar and Bass Repair
Uncle Sam's Jamms is one of Kentuckiana's best guitar and bass repair shops. We have been setting up guitars and basses for our loyal customers for many years. No matter what your needs, Uncle Sam's is there.

Maybe your Strat went stage-diving without you. Maybe your Takamine got left in a hot car. Maybe the passing seasons took your Les Paul out of adjustment.  Or maybe you just played the heck out of your favorite guitar! It's a simple fact of life if you play guitar, sooner or later you're going to have to take care of it. 

At Uncle Sam's Jamms, we have the experience and resources to repair, restore, or modify your guitar.   From pickup replacement to refinishing, body repair to fret replacement, Uncle Sam's can do it all for you!
String Replacement Major & Minor Setups Intonation
Neck Adjustment  Fret Redressing Fret Replacement
Pickup Installation Pot Replacement Switch Replacement
Jack Replacement Bridge and Nut Work Neck Straightening
Finish Work Body Routing Hardware Replacement
Fret Polishing Fingerboard Repair Binding Replacement
Tuner Replacement Pickguard Replacement Preamp Replacement
Electronics Modifications Pickup Switch Additions Guitar Body Repair

and much, much more!

From the Custom Shop at Uncle Sam's Jamms - Another satisfied customer.   Guitar Tech Greg Lentz (left) w/Tooth & Nail Recording artist, Lucas Worley of Artifex Pereo!

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