Speaker Reconing
In many cases, speaker reconing or re-edging is a cost-effective alternative to replacing a defective audio speaker.   Uncle Sam's Jamms recones speakers on premise with precision craftsmanship.


First, let's talk about foam-surround speakers, typically found in vintage stereo system speaker cabinets.  If your speaker is more than 10 years old and has a foam surround, it is likely that foam rot has already started to set in. If the original cone is in good condition, the speaker can be re-edged with new foam surrounds without requiring a recone. You can test your speaker by gently pinching the foam surround. It should be flexible and return back to its original shape. If the foam surround crumbles and falls apart, then it is time to re-edge the speaker.
The process of RECONING a speaker involves several steps. First the old cone on your speaker must be removed and the entire speaker cleaned. After that, the center coil is balanced, precision aligned, and the spider suspension installed. The new cone is then carefully installed in place, and the lead wires are connected and routed to the terminal block. Gaskets are aligned and installed. The proper stiffening compound is painstakingly applied to the cone surround. Finally, the dust cap is placed, and the speaker is performance tested. Original parts are used whenever possible to ensure the quality and performance of your speakers will be as if they were brand new, yet still have the original durability. When you have a speaker reconed, all of the moving parts have been replaced, and your speaker will once again perform as the original manufacturer intended.

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